Perpetual Kinetic energy exists all around us. In most circumstances it is uneconomical to harness, for it exists intermittently or in a challenging medium. The gym environment is an ideal setting to capture a large amount of consistent kinetics with little up front cost by utilizing existing infrastructure.

Converting workouts into savings.

ReRev™ retrofits cardio equipment to reroute the energy that is being emitted as a heat by-product. Instead of the equipment raising temperatures inside the facility, causing the air conditioning units to work harder, the energy is delivered to a central processing unit which converts the human power to utility grade electricity. Each retrofit has a controller box which feeds back through a processor and into a central-grid tied inverter, tapping directly into the building’s electrical system -- creating free electricity with no maintenance required.

An elliptical machine in regular use at a gym using ReRev™ technology will generate one kilowatt-hour of electricity every two days. That’s the same energy it takes to power a laptop for 24 hours or use a vacuum cleaner for 45 minutes!

University of Oregon • Eugene, Oregon

Sustainability director at the University of Oregon, Steve Mital, stated: “We’re not going to get off Middle Eastern oil by connecting up all the ellipticals all over the country. We bought it and installed it mostly because it’s an educational opportunity. People will be on those things sweating away and it gets them thinking.”

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